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I was going through these pages on ZK documentation ID_Space -Selector and looked at following code

comp.queyr("#ok"); //look for a component whose ID's ok in the same ID space
comp.query("window #ok"); 
comp.queryAll("window button"); 

I am wondering how can I use this in my code? I am creating 2 drop downs and adding Id to both these drop downs

Listbox listbox=createListbox(widget, DetailsListRenderer.ORDERSTATUS.class, null,orderStatus);

So when My page is getting refreshed, I am getting exception of Unique Id, I was wondering if these is a way I can query component and see if same component with same Id already exists and in case it exists, I should not add ID to that component, or should not create component at all Any suggestion?

I tried something like

widget.getFellow( ORDER_STATUS_ID); but getting `org.zkoss.zk.ui.ComponentNotFoundException` exception.
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widget.getFellow("#" + ORDER_STATUS_ID);
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For widgets that co-exist in the same ID space (a.k.a fellow widgets), one may use any of the following to refernece a fellow from a certain widget:

var fellow = widget.$f('fellowID');
var fellow = widget.$f().fellowID;
var fellow = zk.Widget.$(jq('$fellowID')[0]);
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