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I am trying to get the device properties from ADB commands. I can how ever get those values by running sample android application. How ever I wish to get using adb shell command itself to make my life easier. Here is the way I will get through sample application but I want corresponding adb commands for

  1. device manufacturer
  2. device hardware
  3. device model
  4. Os version(integer value)
  5. Kernel version

* Please note my device is not rooted and I have no idea of rooting the device to get these values :-) *

## Code snippet
import android.os.Build;
manufacturer = Build.MANUFACTURER;
hardware = Build.HARDWARE;
model = Build.MODEL;
oSVersion = Build.VERSION.SDK_INT;
kernelVersion = System.getProperty("os.version");

However I can able to get the os version. But then I want SDK version in integer. I want 18 in place of 4.2.2

C:\>adb shell getprop
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adb shell getprop

If you want to see the whole list of parameters just type:

adb shell getprop
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How do we get that info if we have multiple devices connected? – Gokhan Arik Jul 22 '14 at 21:23
You can write an script to execute the same adb command to all the devices or just specify the one that you are interested in with -s – dmarin Jul 24 '14 at 9:20
There's also the adb -d switch, that: directs command to the only connected USB device returns an error if more than one USB device is present. (or -e for emulator) – CJBS Jul 24 '14 at 23:38

One line command:

adb shell getprop | grep "model\|version.sdk\|manufacturer\|hardware\|platform\|revision\|serialno\|\|brand"

Sample output for Samsung:

[gsm.version.baseband]: [G900VVRU2BOE1]
[]: [Samsung RIL v3.0]
[net.knoxscep.version]: [2.0.1]
[net.knoxsso.version]: [2.1.1]
[net.knoxvpn.version]: [2.2.0]
[persist.service.bdroid.version]: [4.1]
[ro.board.platform]: [msm8974]
[ro.boot.hardware]: [qcom]
[ro.boot.serialno]: [xxxxxx]
[]: [REL]
[]: [REL]
[]: [G900VVRU2BOE1]
[]: [5.0]
[]: [21]
[]: [2101]
[]: [5.0_r2]
[ro.config.timaversion]: [3.0]
[ro.hardware]: [qcom]
[ro.opengles.version]: [196108]
[ro.product.brand]: [Verizon]
[ro.product.manufacturer]: [samsung]
[ro.product.model]: [SM-G900V]
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