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I've just started transitioning over from MATLAB to python and I'm moving from matlab2tikz to matplotlib2tikz (same author I believe).

The matplotlib2tikz script doesn't appear to be defining the the custom colours it is using, so although a tikz plot might be correctly created:

\addplot [color0]
coordinates {
(0, 1)
(1, 2)

color0 isn't being defined. Is this just a fundamental problem with the matplot2tikz code (this seems unlikely!)?

EDIT: color0 IS defined the first time i run matplotlib2tikz - I then have to 'kill the current process' and restart the console (I'm using Spyder IDE) to successfully run matplotlib2tikz again.

I get the impression that I am making some fundamental mistake that could well have nothing to do with matplotlib2tikz.

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Have you tried using the PGF/Tikz backend instead? matplotlib.org/users/pgf.html#pgf-tutorial It should be as simple as matplotlib.use('pgf') before importing pyplot. –  Joe Kington Jan 13 at 21:32
That looks like a really interesting alternative! I see that TikZ is built on top of PGF - I'm not sure what the implications of working with PGF rather than tikz will be, but I'll certainly try it out! –  Simpsono Jan 13 at 21:45
matplotlib also generates proper vector graphics (eps, pdf) which also embed nicely in latex (which I assume is your target if you are using tikz) –  tcaswell Jan 14 at 14:56

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