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I am having troubles with configuring our on demand JIRA instance with a hosted Bamboo Server. There are no Firewalls at the moment. This is what I see in when I open a JIRA issue:

JIRA is having difficulty contacting Bamboo (XXXX.Atlassian.net). If this condition persists, please contact your JIRA administrators.

WIthin Bamboo I have setup an Application LInk with the JIRA server. This works fine as I can see JIRA Issues linked to a Build. I did the same in JIRA as well. I added Bamboo as an application link and set the link as primary. For some reason JIRA tries to contact a on Demand Version of Bamboo. Any idea why?

This question with screenshots was also posted here in Atlassian forum.

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This was a firewall issue. Started to work after we fixed that.

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