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I would like to setup a command to yank the whole file without moving the cursor.

Here is the macro I created:


However, this moves the cursor to the beginning of the file. How can I yank the whole file without losing the cursors position ?

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Do you mean /page/ or /file/? Your macro yanks the entire file. –  verdammelt Jan 13 at 20:49
Yep, Thanks, I have edited the question –  edi9999 Jan 13 at 21:02
What do you want to do with that yanked text? –  romainl Jan 13 at 21:20
I want to paste it on an other window. I have set up + as the default yank register –  edi9999 Jan 14 at 10:53

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I usually use :%y+ to yank the complete file into the system clipboard. You can of course use any other register as you like.

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or just :%y to yank to the default register like the OP did –  sehe Jan 13 at 20:44

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