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I am using cluster module to fork a new worker every time a worker process dies. My node server and client communicate over websockets (socket.io). What I see is that after a worker dies and the client connects to a new worker process, the communication occasionally falls back to xhr-polling.

So before a worker dies: websockets.

After a worker dies: xhr-polling (sometimes. But why ?. I do a see handshake errors upon reconnect when this happens)

I have configured the transport option to use 'websocket' only, but this does not seem to help.

I also tried configuring the parameters mentioned below, as suggested here. But this did not help either. I still see occasional fallback to xhr-polling after a reconnect to a new worker.

  • tryTransportsOnConnectTimeout - default value is true
  • rememberTransport - default value is true

Any idea how I can force the use websockets only ?

Thanks in advance.

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Make sure that you use the word transports on the server and not transport, such as this: io.set('transports', ['websocket']); –  AmpT Apr 9 at 15:39

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