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I have coded a backend on google appengine API which is working (checked with API explorer). On executing my API, I should get multiple products returned.

The ios code below works and I confirmed NSLog dumps all the objects.

GTLServiceTicket *apiCall = [shoesService executeQuery:shoesQuery completionHandler:^(GTLServiceTicket *ticket, GTLProductApiManyProduct *object, NSError *error)
         NSArray *receivedItems = [object items];

         NSLog(@"%@",receivedItems); // this works shows objects with all propeties and corresponding values

         // This is apparently an error, xcode wont allow this even when typing
         NSLog(@"Product id:%@", [[receivedItems objectatIndex:0] productId]);

         //Type casting also does not work in either case below.

         NSLog(@"Product id:%@", (GTLProductOneProduct *)[[receivedItems objectatIndex:0] productId])


I think the issue is because all the properties have be autodeclared as @dynamic

How do I access properties inside the GTLProductOneProduct class of the returned *object? If your api receives blocks of products (GTLProductAPIManyProducts) which contains (GTLProductAPIOneProduct), how do you access the values inside GTLProductAPIOneProduct ??

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objectatIndex should be objectAtIndex. Is that a copy/paste error or your actual code? –  Martin R Jan 13 '14 at 21:19
@martin just copy pate error on objectAtIndex. The issue is how to access the object properties. –  fuzzyMath Jan 13 '14 at 21:54

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Should have dug more before putting this question on.

Used a wrong typecast now working, thanks all.

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