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Recently I asked about having an r variable set to the name of an Rmd file when knitr runs.

Need the filename of the Rnw when knitr runs in rStudio


Is there a similar knitr::: object for the name of an Rmd file?

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IMHO the type of the input file does not matter. –  sgibb Jan 13 at 21:25
I believe knitr:::knit_concord$get("infile") is specific to Rnw latex files –  Avril Jan 13 at 21:48
No, it is not specific to Rnw files. It applies to all files that knitr supports. –  Yihui Jan 14 at 4:04

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You can search through the parent.frames until you find the frame referring to where the body of the function knitr is being evaluated (and thus the input argument is defined.

get(env = parent.frame(n = 8), 'input')

Works for me.

Note that I have not tested what happens if input is not a file name.....

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I think that was my problem. Thank you. –  Avril Jan 14 at 16:24

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