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Based on what I've read, Google Glass supports most/all sensors, and existing Android APIs are available to access sensors on a mobile device.

However, the GDK (gdk.jar) contains only gesture and voice-related class files, which means that custom 'glue' code is required in order to render sensor-specific data (from the gyroscope, accelerometer, and so forth) on the Glass screen.

Is this correct?

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tl;dr: Try it like you would on any other Android device, probably using SensorManager. It should just work. They're also covered in the GDK documentation.

The API surface of GDK Glassware is not limited to the classes contained in the GDK Add-on. The GDK Add-on merely closes the gaps between the Android SDK and features that are unique to Glass. This means, in general, given a problem that isn't covered by the GDK library directly, just attempt the Android solution.

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