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I'm building a Wordpress site and am looking for a plugin for managing a very specific kind of content / design scheme. Unfortunately, I do not know what this is called, and am looking for pointers on terminology so I can ease my search.

Imagine a very long page (as tall as 7 screens, for instance).

This is divided into 7 sub-pages, each the size of one screen, stacked one on top of the other.

Each sub-page has its own background and content.

The viewer can scroll from top to bottom of the "parent" page, and get 7 distinct background / content groupings for 7 different products.

What is this kind of content called? "Frames", isn't right, and "divs" is too general. I would appreciate any guidance on this that can be provided. Thanks!

I don't have any live demos of this sort of content, but will post them as I find them.

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Live content demo, this is pretty much exactly what I'm looking for: presentation.greysuitretail.com –  Tom Murray Jan 13 at 22:42

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"Parallax Scrolling" I believe is the term you are looking for.

Here's some examples:

Also, there are a few Wordpress Plugins, i.e.:

But you might be looking for a theme.

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