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I'm trying to use gaddr2line to print a prettier version of backtrace symbols. I'm just getting the addresses from backtrace() then feeding them to gaddr2line by executing it using popen. Using addr2line under linux works fine, but for some reason I'm getting strange errors when using gaddr2line on OS X. When trying this on Mac OS I keep getting BFD: ... : unknown load command ... I saw some posts metioning GDB, so I tried installing that with homebrew, but that didn't help.

Here is my code:

    // set to the maximum possible path size
    char exe_path[4096];

    // Used to check if an error occured while setting up command
    bool error = false;

    // Check if we are running on Mac OS or not, and select appropriate command
    char* command;
    #ifdef __APPLE__
        // Check if 'gaddr2line' function is available, if not exit
        if( !system( "which gaddr2line > /dev/null 2>&1" ) ) {
            command = "gaddr2line -Cfspe";
            pid_t pid = getpid();
            int path_length = proc_pidpath( pid, exe_path, sizeof( exe_path ) );
            if( path_length <= 0 ) {
                writeLog( SIMPLOG_LOGGER, "Unable to get execution path. Defaulting to standard backtrace." );
                error = true;
            exe_path[path_length] = 0;
        } else {
            writeLog( SIMPLOG_LOGGER, "Function 'gaddr2line' unavailable. Defaulting to standard backtrace. Please install package 'binutils' for better stacktrace output." );
            error = true;

Here is the output:

gaddr2line -Cfspe /Users/nate/git/SimpleLogger/build/test 7408927
BFD: /Users/nate/git/SimpleLogger/build/test: unknown load command 0x2a
BFD: /Users/nate/git/SimpleLogger/build/test: unknown load command 0x28
BFD: /Users/nate/git/SimpleLogger/build/test: unknown load command 0x29
BFD: /Users/nate/git/SimpleLogger/build/test: unknown load command 0x2b
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