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I want to create a textbox that physically expands. I want the width of the box to be 265 pixels and when you paste text into the box it expands downwards. I tried using the code from this website but when I run the code it generates a different textbox. I want one that actually physically gets longer exactly as shown on that website but when I run the code it creates a box that doesn't grow. Instead it only expands within and creates a scroll bar.

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you may also try this one.. – Vainglory07 Jan 14 '14 at 2:34

Sounds like the plugin is not working at all for you, so I would just double-check the basics:

  • Do you have jQuery (required for the plugin) and the plugin JS included on your page correctly?
  • Do you have class="expanding" on your textarea tag?

The plugin seems to work fine overall - see this fiddle.

Update: I've noticed this plugin doesn't seem to work on IE 11 (haven't tried other versions), but seems to work fine in Chrome and Firefox.

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