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While I don't think it is very restful to have to include a payload in a DELETE request. I ran into an instance where I am testing a service that requires a payload for DELETE. Might there be a way using Ruby's Rest Client to accomplish this? Unfortunately, I am having a hard time with this one.

@json_request = '{"user_id": 5, "meta_data": "foo"}'
resource = ""
@response_update = resource.delete(@json_request, :content_type => :json, :accept => :json)

Output: ArgumentError: wrong number of arguments (2 for 0..1)

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Currently it's not possible with that gem. You can see a PL addressing that. Maybe you could fork it and pull those changes to your own fork of the rest-client gem.

The pull request

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Try this

RestClient::Request.execute(:method => 'delete', :url => "", :payload => json_data)

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