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I have a voting table called product_reviews, with a field that is ENUM from 1 to 5 called rating.

I want to get average rating from all rows with product_id 1665. I am using a star rating system so the average cannot be with decimals. Must be a number from 1 to 5.

Thank you very much.

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What did you try already? –  kingkero Jan 14 at 1:04
Why are you using an enum field type rather than int field type? –  Mike Brant Jan 14 at 1:05
I honestly don't know. I was just worried that someone might attempt to post to my form using a number other than 1 to 5. ENUM restricts that I believe. But I am a beginner so I might not be doing this right. –  Mike Jan 14 at 1:13
Simply check that the posted value is <= 5 when your are processing the form data. Your validation should happen before you include the data in a SQL query. –  Sammitch Jan 14 at 1:15
Ok great. Good to have another set of eyes. Thank you very much. –  Mike Jan 14 at 1:16

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SELECT round(avg(rating)) as average_review, 
       count(rating) as number_of_reviews
FROM product_reviews 
WHERE product_id = 1665

You need to use round here since avg will return a value between 1.0 and 5.0, and if you use floor or ceil you're effectively eliminating 1 or 5 from the possible results unless all reviews on the product have that score.

Also, you'll alienate your users if they can openly see a product got 50 reviews with 1 star, and 1 review with 2 stars, and you're showing an average score of 2 stars next to that. It'll make your site seem unreliable which is usually not a good thing for a site that contains reviews. For this reason most star rating systems are also capable of showing partial stars to make it more precise.

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That was fast. thank you! Works great! Any idea how to count the number of reviews available for product_id? –  Mike Jan 14 at 1:11
ROUND() will round down if the fraction is less than .5, use CEIL() to always round up. –  Sammitch Jan 14 at 1:13
Thank you Sammitch. Yes, I want to round up. –  Mike Jan 14 at 1:14
No you don't want to round up, if you do that the resulting average will never state 1 unless there are only reviews with 1 star. It is inherent to this type of rating systems that rounding to the extremes always happens less often than those in between. I also updated the query to count the number of reviews as well. –  Niels Keurentjes Jan 14 at 1:16
THank you again NK! Very very helpful. Thank you everyone. –  Mike Jan 14 at 1:17

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