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Is it possible to create a dynamic variable in PHP based on the value that comes from mysql database?

I mean,

say I have a field in mysql State

When I read the value in php using row['State'] from the database and if I get a value like Alabama, I want to have a variable created like $Alabama_count and I will initialize to 0 or 1.


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7 Answers

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$varname = $row['State'] . '_count';
$$varname = 0; // or 1
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There does exist an easier solution. Instead of creating something called $Alabama_count, you could create this very easily: $count['Alabama'], i.e. $count[$row['State']].

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I've never thought of a good place to use variable variables where an associative array wouldn't be better. Though you do need to say: $count[$row['State']] (missing $ on row) –  Johrn Jan 21 '10 at 15:54
@Johnr: yep, I agree. Thanks for the note. I have fixed it now. –  Aishwar Jan 21 '10 at 15:58
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You can do ${$row['State']} if $row['State'] is Alabama it's the same as doing $Alabama.

Similarly you can do the same to _count:

${$row['State'] . '_count'} = 0; // $Alabama_count = 0;
${$row['State'] . '_count'}++; // $Alabama_count++; // $Alabama_count = 1;
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Sounds like you want to use variable variables, something like this?

$var_name = "{$row['State']}_count";
$$var_name = 1;
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Not really sure if this is what you want but take a look at Variable variables on the php manual

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You could create a variable named ${$row['State'].'_count'} and set its value. I'm not sure how advisable this would be, however. You don't know what variables you will be left with.

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You can use for this variables of variables using $ symbol twice: for example:

$variable = 'Some_text';
$$name = 123;
echo $Some_text;
//this will output 123
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thank you for all your responses. –  JPro Jan 21 '10 at 16:01
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