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I'm new to EDI, and I have a question.

I have read that you can get most of what you need about an EDI format by looking at the last 3 characters of the ISA line. This is fine if every EDI used line breaks to separate entities, but I have found that many are single line files with any number of characters used as breaks. I have noticed that the VERY last character in every EDI I've parsed is the break character. I've looked at a few hundred, and have found no exceptions to this. If I first grab that character, and use that to obtain the last 3 of the ISA line, should I reasonably expect that I will be able to parse data from an EDI?

I don't know if this helps, but the EDI 'types' in question tend to be 850, 875. I'm not sure if that is a standard or not, but it may be worth mentioning.

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Testing.. question hasn't showed up on the index after 4 hours. – Brandon Jan 21 '10 at 20:00
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seems to be the same as this:

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