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I have the following code to select the input and output folders' directories.


win = gwindow("Stage 1")
g = ggroup(horizontal=FALSE,cont=win)
    svalue(input)<-gbutton("Input folder",cont=g1,expand=TRUE,handler=function(...) {
      gmessage(paste0("Input directory set to ",input))
    gbutton("Ouput folder",cont=g2,expand=TRUE,handler=function(...) {
      gmessage(paste0("Output directory set to ",output))

However when run, the code does not return the input and output folder directories. Can anyone show me what I am doing wrong here?

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The handlers are called asynchronously, so they don't really have meaningful return values. Rather you must assign the value to a variable within the function body. This assigment needs to happen outside of the scope of the handler, so is done via an environment, <<-, or assign –  jverzani Jan 14 at 15:40
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To elaborate on my comment, here is an example using both an environment and <<-


input <- NULL                           # global
e <- new.env()                          # environment

win = gwindow("Stage 1")
g = ggroup(horizontal=FALSE,cont=win)

gbutton("Input folder",cont=g,handler=function(...) {
  value <- gfile(type="selectdir")
  gmessage(paste0("Input directory set to ",value))
  ## assign via <<-
  input <<- value
  ## assign to an environment
  e$input <- value

gbutton("What is stored?", cont=g, handler=function(...) {
  print(sprintf("The global variable has %s", input))
  print(sprintf("The environment stores %s", e$input))
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