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Hey guys, My situation is like this: I got a windows computer and a Linux computer , and an Eclipse project I'd like to sync between them. What is the best way to do this ? Thanks in advance

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Use a version control system, such as git or Subversion.

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This is how we do it:

We have a linux file server running Samba (this allows Windows boxes to connect to it), install a CVS server, point your Eclipse installations at your CVS directory.

Can't offer much more info than that, but I think an CVS / file server based on Linux (we use Ubuntu) and samba is the best option.

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Why do you need the samba? Can't you just check files out of CVS directly onto your windows and linux box? (Not that I would want to use CVS anymore, with Subversion being better and just as cheap) –  Peter Recore Jan 21 '10 at 16:22

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