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I've a problem with my Matplotlib graph.

My Programm:
I read sensor data and save it in a csv file with one decimal place (00.0)
after saving I readout the individual data into a list
my list is called tempList and the numbers are float

My Plot:

plt.plot(tempList, color='r', linewidth=2.0)     
plt.xticks(range(len(tempList)), timeList2, size='small', rotation=20) 
plt.ylabel('degree Celsius')
plt.savefig('img/temp.png', format='png', transparent = True)

My result:

My List:
[20.3, 20.4, 20.4, 20.4, 20.4, 20.4, 20.4, 20.4, 20.4, 20.4]

if I make a list with int's everything works, but since I need thoose decimal places I can't use int.
I already tried to set 'ylim' but it doesn't work

EDIT: thanks for the help
I removed the 'plt.axis('auto')'
the solution:

minTemp = math.ceil(min(tempList))
minTemp = round(minTemp, 1)
maxTemp = math.ceil(max(tempList))
maxTemp = round(maxTemp, 1)
plt.ylim((minTemp-1), (maxTemp+1))

plt.ylim((minTemp-1), (maxTemp+1))
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You need to give access to the location where you post the file if you want any help... –  Floris Jan 14 at 8:08
fixed it, sorry. –  user2523325 Jan 14 at 8:23
The title suggests that there seems to be some kind of bug, however, if the way matplotlib labels your axis is the problem, then have a look at stackoverflow.com/q/14442099/2870069 -> no bug, just "default" behavior. –  Jakob Jan 14 at 9:05
thanks for the link, that solved another issue I had :) –  user2523325 Jan 14 at 9:37

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I've made this minimal example. I removed plt.axis('auto') and replaced it with plt.ylim, which seems to work. When I replace plt.ylim by plt.axis('auto'), it doesn't work very well.

from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
import math
tempList = [20.3, 20.4, 20.4, 20.4, 20.4, 20.4, 20.4, 20.4, 20.4, 20.4]
plt.ylim(math.floor(min(tempList)), math.ceil(max(tempList)))
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works fine, but I don't want to have 0 as start point. So now I tried the min instead of 0 and everything looks like before. –  user2523325 Jan 14 at 8:26
What if you use: plt.ylim(math.floor(min(tempList)), math.ceil(max(tempList))) –  jr-be Jan 14 at 8:48
thanks! looks like that works too. :) –  user2523325 Jan 14 at 9:03

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