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I am using Visual C# 2010.
I used to have a WiX script independently from Visual C#.
But recently I decided to integrate it as a WiX project inside Visual C#.

PROBLEM: Visual C# is now much slower when building.
Whenever I want to launch Debug it takes forever, and when there is a compilation error all sorts of WiX errors appear too.

Can I disable/close the WiX Project, and only enable it when I need it? (like in Eclipse)

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Yes, go to Build -> Configuration Manager

Here you can uncheck Build for your WiX project.

This way the project will not build. You can also choose to not build it in the Debug configuration but to have it build when doing a Release build.

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Almost exactly like Eclipse, right click on the project in the Solution Explorer and click unload.

Also like Eclipse (but Eclipse is a bit more complicated), you can have more than one solution that contains a common subset of projects.

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