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I have some questions regarding my block of code. I've tried running it in Netbeans and it doesn't seem to like this block of code on Google Glass. I compiled it using Eclipse and it seems to compile correctly as well.

package com.openglassquartz.helloglass;

import java.io.IOException;
import java.net.URL;
import java.util.Scanner;

public class OnlineRetrieval {

boolean activeGame;

public boolean checkGame() { //Method for which to check if there is a current game going on.

    try {
        URL url = new URL("http://danielchan.me/league/active.txt");
        Scanner s = new Scanner(url.openStream()); //All errors point to this line of code??
        int temporary_Reading = s.nextInt();

        if(temporary_Reading == 1) {
            return activeGame = true;
        } else {
            return activeGame = false;
    } catch(IOException ex) {

    return activeGame;

From the LaunchService Class.

OnlineRetrieval OR = new OnlineRetrieval();
boolean temp_Check = OR.checkGame();


01-14 16:38:32.187: E/AndroidRuntime(18639):    at com.openglassquartz.helloglass.OnlineRetrieval.checkGame(OnlineRetrieval.java:20)
01-14 16:38:32.187: E/AndroidRuntime(18639):    at com.openglassquartz.helloglass.CardLaunchService.onStartCommand(CardLaunchService.java:77)

How can I fix this? It seems to work on Netbeans when I tried outputting it but not in Google Glass.

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Two things to look at (it looks like your stack trace is cut off in your post):

  1. Did you add the android.permission.INTERNET permission to your application's manifest?
  2. Is this code being called in the main UI thread? Network operations must be executed in a background thread – you may want to look at the AsyncTask class as a way of handling this.
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Yeah I saw my mistake. Seems like I have quite abit of reading to do haha. Many thanks! –  Lailainoob Jan 14 at 16:48
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