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I have developed a Windows Store App and i want to distribute it across all persons in my organization. Buying and signing the app with a certificate it's not so easy as process so i was thinking to distribute the app initially with my developer certificate and after some times convince someone to buy a certificate! The question is: i have one free MSFT developer account and i would use this for installing the app on about 30 devices...which could be the issues? I know the account have to be renewed every month but it's just a button to press, not a big issue! Please comment with your thoughts.

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Did you read about sideloading? This article and this one. Alternatively, you can publish it in the store as beta or hide it from the main store.

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the question is: could i use the free developer account on about 30 devices?if it doesn't make sense plase explain why! thks –  CaptainAmerica Jan 15 at 8:45
Check this topic - I think you'll have no problems. Never heard that dev account have any limits. Even regular account have the limit to 81 install. –  crea7or Jan 15 at 8:57

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