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i'm creating an automation framework in python for our android devices. i've written a wrapper for adb commands by using Popen to run adb. this is nice but i'de rather skip on the process creating for every call (many calls to adb) So i thought about creating bindings for the C code (adb is in C).

As far as i understand there are 3 options: 1. compile adb as an SO and use ctypes. 2. create python extension using python.h and add adb source code to the compilation making a full python interface to the command. 3. doing the same like #2 using Cython.

Since i've never done it before, any recommendation for which method is better for my scenario ? consider performance and time to market.

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No need for c bindings. Just use sockets to connect to the adb daemon from your python code

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that's wasn't the question, but that's definitely the answer, even though it's got a downside which is any new action added to adb i will need to manually add once adb code is updated while binding to C i just recompile.10x for the code, didn't find it myself! – codeScriber Jan 15 '14 at 6:04

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