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I am doing app that allows to users login to my web site by gmail oauth, and must display some useful info about their gmail inbox.

As part of this info,
I want display unread amount of conversations in user Inbox.

Problem is that, unfortunately, i dont see how i could get number of conversations with help of Gmail imap api. ( https://developers.google.com/gmail/oauth_overview )

Gmail Imap api from link above returns only unread amount of standalone emails, and dont return conversations number.

I tried php imap functions library, functions imap_mailboxmsginfo, imap_thread, imap SEARCH commands, tried google imap_extensions with commands like 'SEARCH X-GM-RAW "in:unread"' etc (https://developers.google.com/gmail/imap_extensions)

but they all returns only numbers of standalone emails and dont return correct number of conversations.

I dont want to use solution to fetch all unread emails and build myself conversations threads by headers of emails - this is too big load.

Question: How is possible get number of conversations - unread and all - at some normal way??

ps. btw, such function exists for gmail android library.


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