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I'm trying to create new ngControllers on the fly, is this possible? I'm not writing it into the template with a ngRepeat or anything, since the user might never create an instance of a certain ngController.

Here's an example of my current template:

<div ng-controller="ViewUsers">
   <div class="viewUsersList">
         <tr class="userRow" ng-click="viewUser(user.user_id)" ng-repeat="user in users">
            <td>{{user.first_name}} {{user.last_name}}
                <br />{{user.phone}}

So far it works great. When the user clicks a .userRow it calls viewUser(ID). The problem is here:

I want to create a new block of code like this:

<div ng-controller="UserDetail">

And append this to the DOM.

So if they click on Bobby and Sally, two UserDetail controller objects would be added to the DOM and work accordingly. (Ideally, I'd like to pass in the data-bound user model, but that's for later).

I tried a ghetto version in JSBin, but I'd rather not use JQuery if possible:


Can anyone shine some light on this? Thanks in advance

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I would change the code little bit and use directive instead of controller. See this simple and quick example in jsfiddle.

The directive would handle the click events and display whatever you want to display on the DOM. You can get the full user object from scope.user inside the directive.

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Thanks for the tip. I ended up doing an ng-repeat="user in users" with a ng-controller="UserDetail" instead of the repeat. Ideally, I would have liked some more ecapsulation (not having UserDetail being a child of ViewUsers, but this'll have to do for now) –  Prodikl Jan 16 at 6:20

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