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I want GeoIP service for my Azure website which capable of checking users IP address then redirect them to a different version of my site based on their country code.

I've tried Melissadata IP Check from Azure Add-ons, chose sending Javascript request to Melissadata API service. Step by step, I managed to redirect users correctly. But after a few minutes, response I've got from Melissadata API service will be 401 Unauthorized. So I tried again with new access token and it worked. But just like before, few minutes passed and it was 401 again.

I guess the problem is session of my access token expire too quick. What can I do or how can I set access token period for Melissadata in Azure add-ons?

By the way, I tried asking Melissadata but they said I should ask Azure support. I'm going to do that as soon as my boss upgrade Azure support plan.

Here is my sample Javascript code:

var accessToken = encodeURIComponent("My Access Token");
    requestUri:    "https://api.datamarket.azure.com/Data.ashx/MelissaData/IPCheck/v1/SuggestIPAddresses?"
                + "IPAddress=%27216.231.3.166%27"
                + "&MaximumSuggestions=5"
                + "&MinimumConfidence=0.7"
                + "&accessToken="
                + accessToken,
    enableJsonpCallback: true,
    method: "GET"
function readData(data, response) {
    alert("data received");
function (err) {
    alert("error occurred: " + err.message);
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