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I am using EXT JS 3.4.

The code of my Column Model goes like this : - My Ext.grid.Column for Column Model is getting configured from the database like this.

cm = new Ext.grid.ColumnModel( {
            columns : cols // the cols is getting generated from the database

The json data for the cols mentioned in above code is generated as follows:

  header: "Title Alias",
  type: "STRING",
  dataIndex: "order#title_alias",
  width: 80,
  tooltip: "Title Alias",
  sortable: "true",
  filter: {
    test: "/^{0}/i"

QUERY : The tool tip is shown in two lines. i want the tool tip to adjust its width according to text the tool tip text should be shown in single line only.

BOUNDATION : cannot modify "cols".

APPROACH : can we override or apply some kind of configuration to the quick tips. IS it possible.

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You should be able to set the css for the tooltip and define:

.x-tip .x-tip-body {
    white-space: nowrap;

to prevent it from wrapping.

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