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I think there is a bug in JFreeChart's Gantt chart. When I'm zooming in finally I get something like this...

enter image description here

and if I zoom a little bit more ...

enter image description here

Is there any workaround for that behaviour?

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Are sub-second intervals a realistic zoom level? –  trashgod Jan 14 at 12:17
@trashgod I don't know, but anyway this example is taken from the official jfree demo application. And the zooming result is a bit confusing. –  Łukasz Rzeszotarski Jan 14 at 12:21
I don't know either. I see that the effect actually occurs at sub-millisecond intervals. Panning doesn't appear to restore the rendering. –  trashgod Jan 14 at 12:27
I think it is a bug. something similar occured for if I remember well stepcharts, but already has been fixed in relase 16 or 17. –  Łukasz Rzeszotarski Jan 14 at 12:30
Could be, but renderer could also see such an interval as empty. –  trashgod Jan 14 at 13:02

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