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I want to get informed when long running command finished.

For example I need to get informed when git pull finish. Right now I can use git pull; tput bel and terminal app will inform me that console require my attention.

Is it possible to execute tput bel for every command I enter in shell that was run more than 10 seconds?

I'm using tput bel as it works from local and remote ssh sessions.

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See Automatically timing every executed command and show in Bash prompt? and expand to fit your needs. –  RedX Jan 14 '14 at 11:41

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Thanks @RedX I found what I need. I ended up with adding this to my .bash_profile:

function timer_start {

function timer_stop {
  timer_show=$(($SECONDS - $timer))
  if [[ $timer_show -ge '10' ]]; then
    tput bel
  unset timer

trap 'timer_start' DEBUG

This will execute tput bell and my terminal will bounce if it out of focus, every time my command was executed longer than 10 seconds.

Additionally you can add $timer_show to your PS1 to show duration in seconds of every command.

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