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I am using the Select2 plugin to pull data from a WebService. This worked using a standard controller but since moving it over to an API Controller I am receiving Undefined/Null Reference on the client side, below is the original working code.

public JsonResult GetUsers(string term)
   var users =
                     .Select(u => new Tuple<int, string>(u.CustomerId,

   return Json(users, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);

   width: '100%',
   placeholder: "@Resources.Search",
   minimumInputLength: 3,
   ajax: {
      url: '@Url.Action("GetUsers", "DataLookupOld")',
      dataType: 'json',
      quietMillis: 500,
      data: function (term) {
         return { term: term };
      results: function (data) {
         return {
            results: $.map(data, function (item) {
               return { id: item.Item1, text: item.Item2 };

The Server Code now pulls the data into a Dictionary<int, string> instead of JSON and works as expected. However, the Client Side is causing inundated problems, the issue is with the below.

return {
  results: $.map(data, function(item) {
    return { id: item.Item1, text: item.Item2 };

item does return data as I've tested it by passing the response into an alert box. However, when I try and return the data back to the Select2 List the response is always undefined or null.

I have tried changing id: item.Item1, text: item.Item2 to the likes of item.Value or item.ID but the response is always the same. I've looked at similar issues posted on forums and even working CodeProject examples, but all of them have come back to the same problem.

Has anyone run into this same issue and resolved it or have you got any suggestions.

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