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Looking for tips on what characters I should be escaping in my regular expressions to prevent exploits.


Regular Expression Injection

The PCRE function preg_replace() function in PHP allows for an “e” (PREG_REPLACE_EVAL) modifier which means the replacement string will be evaluated as PHP after subsitution. Untrusted input used in the replacement string could therefore inject PHP code to be executed.

or here: http://hauser-wenz.de/playground/papers/RegExInjection.pdf

In general for sql injections there are lots of guides and tips to follow but cant find much about regex injection

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You can't. You have to sanitize the input beforehand. For more exploitable PHP functions: stackoverflow.com/q/3115559/838733 –  nietonfir Jan 14 at 13:14
What are the general rules for sanitising input for all regular expressions functions of php? –  Hard worker Jan 14 at 13:49
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Simple answer: use preg_replace_callback() instead (which doesn't rely on eval of user code). That's what PHP 5.5 recommends you do when using /e.

$str = 'CAPS';
$str = preg_replace_callback('/[A-Z]/', function($match) { return strtolower($match[0]); }, $str);
echo $str;
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