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We use DB2 as our main production database, but we use SQL Server for many other things i.e. to do integration between other customers and vendors via EDI etc.
I have a table in SQL with SO numbers and I try to make a lookup in DB2 to get all the invoices for the SO's in my table, so here's what I did.

  1. Created a connection to the DB2 using the Microsoft® OLEDB Provider for DB2
  2. Created a data fllow with a source using a SQL Server connection.
  3. Added a Data Conversion Transformation trying to convert the INT so value to a decimal with a precision of 12, but I couldn't change a precision in a DT_DECIMAL, so the only datatype that I have the option to change the precision is DT_NUMERIC.
  4. Added a lookup transformation to lookup the data withing DB2.

Now when i try to create the join between the source table and DB2 I get an error Cannot map the input column, 'so', to the lookup column, 'orno', because the data types do not match.
According to Microsoft this is not a bug and they suggest to use the DT_NUMERIC where you can change the precision.
If I try to convert the SO to a DT_DECIMAL without changing the precision I'd get the same error mentioned above.

Is there any way to work around the limitations from SSIS and change the precision in a DT_DECIMAL conversion so I could do the match?

Or any other suggestions?

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The simple answer is to change the connection property in the DB2 connection to treat DECIMAL as NUMERIC.
See bellow enter image description here

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