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I'm working on a dynamic form where you can add or delete fields, Here you can find the fiddle The first button you find is Add Metric. From this the code generates:

  • Input Field Metric
  • Button Add Tag

Inside this field a user can add a tag with the button Add Tag, generated when you click add Metric. When you click Add Tag button, two fields are generated:

  • Input Field Id
  • Input Field Value

The Html code that I need to generate in order to serialize the entire form (this is not however the question point) will result like this:

<input type="text" name="metrics[0][name]" value="Text 0"> // Metric
<input type="text" id="TagId0" name=" "> //Tag Id
<input type="text" id="TagValue" name="metrics[0][tags][][0]">

Problem: I need that (when I fill the field with id="TagId0") the value I select will go immediately to the field name with id="TagValue". This field must result like this:

Consider I write on TagId0 the word "hello", field will become:

<input type="text" id="TagValue" name="metrics[0][tags][hello][0]">

How, if it's possible, it can be done? Thanks

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I'm not sure I understood the question correctly. You want that when you type the text into the field, it pulls that value and adds it into the name attribute, where you have put the word hello? Sorry If I misunderstood. –  wrxsti Jan 14 at 13:57
You're welcome. Sorry if my explanation could be confusing. In the form when I put the value (i.e "hello") on input field with id="TagId0", this value must be passed to the name of the next input field as written above. Hope I was clear :) –  Markviduka Jan 14 at 14:00

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You can use the change method to detect a change in the fields value. Then use the attr method to change the name. Hope I understood correctly. Here is the modified JSFIDDLE.

$(document).on('change', '#InputsWrapper .inputID', function(){
    thisVal = $(this).val();
    thisName = $(this).siblings('.inputVal').attr('name');
    newName = thisName.replace('[tags][', '[tags][' + thisVal);
    $(this).siblings('.inputVal').attr('name', newName);

Don't forget to press enter after change the field value :)

Edit: I also added two classes to the fields you are appending. .inputID and .inputVal. I hope this helps!

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In the fiddle the input value with id=TagValue has this name="metrics[0][tags][][0]" but when i fill the previous input field with a value, this name won't change if I see with Chrome inspect element. For example I put "ch" on input field with id="TagId0" but I won't see "ch" on the name of the last input –  Markviduka Jan 14 at 14:12
Oh I understand now, I changed the wrong input. Working on it now. –  wrxsti Jan 14 at 14:14
It works, thanks, but there's a problem. I'm sorry I wasn't specific in the question. I need that only this field change. Instead with your function also the first input field change when I fill it. For example: <input type="text" name="metrics[0][AIENR]" value="Text 0"> and I don't want that will happens. I think will enough modify the value on the first line of your function, isn'it? –  Markviduka Jan 14 at 14:18
Like this? fiddle.jshell.net/qN3eu/4 It gets a new id each time? –  wrxsti Jan 14 at 14:47
Very good! Glad I could help. –  wrxsti Jan 14 at 15:27

you can write id of field something like TagId-0 and some common class like tagfield,so that u can split the value to get the index an then access it using the class

$(".tagfield").keypress(function() {
 var id=parseInt($(this).attr("id").split("-"));
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Thanks for your help man –  Markviduka Jan 14 at 15:32

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