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I have two MVC projects. And I created two WindowsAzure project:WindowsAzure1-> which package MVC1 , and WindowsAzure2-> which package MVC2 project. After CheckIn on Local TFS 2012, I build my solution. MSBuild Arguments:

/t:Publish /p:PublishDir=c:\drops\app.publish\

After Build I see 3 file, instead 4.

1.WindowsAzure1.cspkg 2.WindowsAzure2.cspkg 3.ServiceConfiguration.Cloud.cscfg//It contain config WindowsAzure2.cspkg

I tried to rename ServiceConfiguration.Cloud.cscfg, but it doesn't rename. So, I think the better place package on different folder. But problem that in the future MVC and Azure project will be unknown count. So I need automatically create folder contains name project. So how can it do?

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Simple Way to create dynamic folders is through PowerShell Script.

Lets say you have folder structure of projects in following way - enter image description here

Then you can following script to generate package folders -

# Solution directory, which contains all the projects
$path = "C:\Solution"
$folders = Get-ChildItem -Path $path

foreach ($folder in $folders)
      if ($folder.Attributes -eq "Directory")
            if($folder.Name -like "*.Cloud")
                New-Item -Path "$($path)\$($folder.Name)package" -ItemType "Directory"

Output will be - enter image description here

Then you can use CSPack utility and PowerShell combination to create package and save configuration file to the location of your interest.


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