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This really should not be difficult but damned if I can figure it out...

Using Usergroup.asmx I need to get a list of all the groups in a given site collection so I can loop through them and update the group owner depending on certain settings.

My problem seems to be (besides the fact that I cannot find any decent documentation or examples for using web services...the only samples I seem to find a contrived, useless example snippets) that there is no method for returning all the groups. The only one that comes close is GetGroupCollectionFromWeb() but that seems to only list a few groups.

Do I need to iterate through all the sites and sub-sites and for each of them make the method call? Then loop through each of those results and merge them into a single collection?


  • Jason
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GetGroupCollectionFromSite ?


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I feel sheepish...missed that one. Thanks. –  Jason Jan 26 '10 at 19:01

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