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I am learning to use request and cheerio to parse a simple html file. However, in the page there is many script tag and inside them reside the actual data. For example like

<script> var data = {"name":"John","age":33} </script>

So naturally the thing that is interesting is the "data" variable. Is there a more natural way then doing regex to get that data?

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I don't believe cheerio supports parsing inline scripts. However you can use jsdom for your use case

var jsdom = require('jsdom')
var html = '<script>var data = {"name":"John","age":33} </script>'

jsdom.defaultDocumentFeatures = {
  FetchExternalResources: ['script'],
  ProcessExternalResources: ['script'],
  MutationEvents: '2.0',
  QuerySelector: false

var document = jsdom.jsdom(html)
var window = document.createWindow()
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