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I am using the Tablesorter plugin and it works great. Currently, I achieve table scrolling using a div wrapper. Is it possible to make the table scroll, keeping the headers visible while scrolling and not using any divs?

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... And a 2013-CrossBrowser solution?? – Peter Krauss Jan 20 '13 at 12:06
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Try this CSS, adjusting the height to suit:

tbody{height: 4em; overflow: scroll}


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Doesn't work in webkit browsers though :( – marcusklaas Jan 26 '11 at 0:43
Neither Firefox 18. – Peter Krauss Jan 20 '13 at 12:05

As showed above (or this example), to be cross-browser (and any doctype) the tbody and thead tags need CSS display as block. If you need to show scrollbar OUTSIDE of tbody, or need to use not-standard browsers, you need more complex solution:

For display scrollbar outside or use with old browsers

The solution is to split the table's thead and tbody in two distinct tables, then, use a div to control the scroll (overflow-y) of the second (tbody content) table.


  • need to split into two tables (jQuery can do by creatig second table and coping thead);
  • need to align both by add widthes.

Related questions:


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Note: I am answering this old post to update on the progress of TableSorter jQuery plugin.

You can use a fork of this plugin by @Mottie (

Then just on DOM ready, run this script:

        widgets        : ['zebra', 'columns', 'stickyHeaders']

All you have to include for this to work:

1) jquery.tablesorter.js

2) jquery.tablesorter.widgets.js

3) any of the css themes, eg:

StickyHeaders widget will do the trick for you.

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