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I try to run pgTAP's pg_prove like this:

pg_prove --dbname test --ext .sql t/
t/pgtap-sql.sql .... Scalar found where operator expected at t/pgtap-sql.sql line 2, near "$Id$
(Missing operator before ?)
Semicolon seems to be missing at t/pgtap-sql.sql line 3.
"no" not allowed in expression at t/pgtap-sql.sql line 2, at end of line
Execution of t/pgtap-sql.sql aborted due to compilation errors.
t/pgtap-sql.sql .... Dubious, test returned 255 (wstat 65280, 0xff00)
No subtests run

where pgtap-sql.sql has a minimum example:

-- $Id$
-- pgtap native unit test (no xunit style functions)

SELECT plan(1);

SELECT pass('Hello world');

SELECT * FROM finish();

Looks like pg_prove tries to parse the SQL code as Perl.

After that it says

Cannot determine source for --source at /System/Library/Perl/5.12/App/Prove.pm line 496

When I add the dry run option, pg_prove passes --source to App::Prove, but looking at that module's source code, it does not mention a --source option.

pg_prove --dry --dbname test --ext .sql t/

App::Prove is version 3.30, pgTAP is 0.94.

What am I missing here?

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Can't reproduce it here with pg_prove v3.29 although it does sound like it is parsing the test-file as Perl code somehow. –  Richard Huxton Jan 14 at 19:20
Ok, thanks, you at least saved my sanity. I got it working on a Linux system, but it keeps failing on a Mac. I'll see how they differ. –  Robert Jan 17 at 15:54

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