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Can anyone get images to fit width in Firefox using, say, custom CSS without leaving a lot of white space at the bottom of the cell? A minimal Markdown example with custom.css is appreciated. Here is something to replicate the problem:

Cell one:

![Big image](http://cantelofmedford.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/oversize1.jpg)

See the white space after this?

Cell two:

%run talktools.py

Now execute both cells. The image will not fit unless you create a custom css with the following entry: p img {width: 100%;} And when you do that, there will be white space at the bottom of the first cell:

Screenshot with Firefox 26 under Ubuntu

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Do you have a code example or an image? As it stands now your question is very unclear. –  MattDMo Jan 14 at 18:29
@MattDMo: Just use any large image; the point of the exercise is to shrink the image to fit the width of the notebook. You can insert an image with Markdown in the notebook as follows: ![caption](file/file_name) Which part is unclear? –  Emre Jan 14 at 20:10
@Emre, mainly that you ask for a "minimal Markdown example with custom.css", but you don't provide anything of the kind to us. It sounds like you're looking for free development. Showing that you have a good understanding of the problem and that you've tried to resolve it yourself goes a long way on Stack Overflow. –  Chris Jan 14 at 22:02
Guys, just create a notebook with just a Markdown cell with any old large image, inserted as explained in my last comment, and edit the custom.css so the image is resize, like so: p img {width: 100%;} Trust me, I have tried to resolve it myself. I am plumbing in Firefox' debugger as we speak. I am not providing you with the solution because I don't have it. Otherwise what would be the point of my asking? –  Emre Jan 14 at 22:15
If there is not enough image to fill vertically when it is fitted horizontally, what do you want to happen? –  Andrew Morton Jan 14 at 22:26
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I added the following entries to style.css:

.cell.text_cell { display: inline-block; }
.cell p img { width: 100%; }

Tested on Firefox 26. A hack maybe, but it was the best I could do. If anybody finds a better solution, do share it.

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