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Is it possible to have a button look different when disabled in a Corona app? For example, I have a button like the one below:

local button = widget.newButton({label = "Next", onEvent = callback_fn, defaultFile = image.path("Active@2x.png")})

Which uses "Active@2x.png" as the default background. Is there a way with the widget library v2 to define a background file that is used when the button is disabled? I am aware of defaultFile and overFile. It would be nice if there was something like disabledFile.

Is there any way to achieve this type of functionality?

Any suggestions are appreciated!

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You could create two versions of your button then in the event handler, change which button is displayed. See for example the answer to How to make buttons stay pressed using corona, where you add two buttons to the scene view but set one to invisible, and in the event handler you swap visibility.

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Can you provide some code or a link to an example somewhere with this type of functionality? I figured this is what I would have to do but I am not sure how to begin. –  Stratus3D Jan 14 '14 at 22:04
@Stratus3D I extended my answer, let me know if still unclear –  Schollii Jan 15 '14 at 2:08

To achieve that you'll need to code it yourself. I personally like to do my buttons with an image and add an event listener to it, something like this:

local function methodOnTap( event )
    print("Hey!! you tapped me!")

local buttonWithImage = display.newImage( "image.png")
buttonWithImage:addEventListener( "tap", methodOnTap )

this is a simple explanation on how to do a button with an image, if you want states and a disabled image, you need to do a group and add the eventListener to that group.

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