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Within my web site, I'm trying to get a reasonable image gallery working without making totally separate pages for each major mobile device type, or having huge sections of html/css/js specific to each device. There seem to be a lot of frameworks which attempt to do this already but I haven't found one that does this well yet.

  • covers "most" mobile devices (apple, android, blackberry)
  • makes images full screen in intelligent way; i.e. based on portrait/landscape (aspect ratio) of image and of device, make image full width or full height
  • swipe between images
  • pinch to zoom images further than full screen (and drag to pan)

I'm not too worried about the icon/thumbnail starting page of the gallery but doing that well would be a bonus.

Based on lots of googling and several similar stackoverflow questions, I've downloaded and tested:

...dojo toolkit mobile carousel (disables image zoom) but it doesn't do pinch to zoom

...the jQTouch photo gallery ( ) it did not work at all on BB, and images were black on desktop (FF17)

...the Pagination plugin by FilamentGroup lets you pinch-zoom but then the swiping gets very confused.

I understand that all the browsers are still annoyingly different in events fired, especially for touch events. I also understand that once you're zoomed in, there is some ambiguity between whether you're trying to pan within the image or swipe to the next image. Still, I just have a hard time believing that nobody but google, flickr, and facebook do this, that no other framework does this well yet, or if there is one, that it is so difficult to find.

Does anyone know of such? or is happily using such on their site?

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Cant you just use the first two libraries in tandem? If they are conflicting just modify the root object name. – Magic Lasso Jan 14 '14 at 19:08
two in tandem? neither of which handles the pinch-to-zoom? how does that help? – Martin Moops Jan 14 '14 at 19:22
"...lets you pinch-zoom" – Magic Lasso Jan 14 '14 at 21:03
Lasso: "...first two" I listed would be dojo and photoswipe, I guess you meant something else plus last one (Pagination plugin). As I said its swiping was already very jumbled, so loading another one attempting the same features will, I would expect, make more of a spaghetti mess in terms of getting something working and maintaining it going forward than it would for me to just hack on my own on whichever one is already closest. Thanks anyway for the comment, it (or hacking) will have to do as a last resort. But the question remains, does such exist from a single framework? – Martin Moops Jan 14 '14 at 21:31
Hmm everything ive found has been really buggy as far as cross browser support. Do you have the option to choose the library based on platform? – Magic Lasso Jan 14 '14 at 21:36

I was after the same thing. I gave up looking for a single library and went with a combination of swipe.js ( and PinchZoom ( , which work perfectly together. I've tested on android and iphone, but not blackberry (not an issue for me). There's a live demo of both libraries working together here so you can try for yourself.

note - i had issues with swipe v2 so i stuck with v1.0

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