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Basically, I have multiple-select box in the page. When the select box is changed, i want to put in session all id's being selected (one or more). The reason why i need something like that is following:

While creating new product user can create many variants of that product based on selected options(for example: Color and Size)(id's mentioned above). So for example one product can have 2 variants(T-shirt in black color with size XL and green T-shirt with size L)

First of all i created POST route in products controller on which through AJAX i will send selected options:

resources :products do
    collection do
      post 'ajaxify_options'

Ajax code

$('#variant-options').change(function() {
    var option_values = [];

    $("#variant-options option:selected").each(function() {

      url: '/products/ajaxify_options',
      type: 'POST',
      data: ({'ids': option_values})


ajaxify_options action

def ajaxify_options (inside product controller)
    set_option_values params[:ids]
    head :ok, :content_type => 'text/html'

Here set_option_values is method in ApplicationController defined as:

def set_option_values option_values
    session[:option_values] = [] if session[:option_values].nil?
    session[:option_values] = option_values

with get method also (implemented as helper_method inside ApplicationController)

def get_option_values
    return [] if session[:option_values].nil?

So now when user choose option (one or more) through get_option_values i can access to selected options from anywhere i need (partials for creating new product and variants).

Main-problem: When user select one or more options, through debugging i see that there is NO errors with ajax or server-side code everything is just fine and i can inspect values of selected options. But rails DO NOT reload session data immediately after AJAX call BUT only when i reload whole page.

enter image description here

Side-problem: Is everything fine with this code, i don't know why i think that I violate some Rails practices with populating session through ajax?

Similar question that i find is: Rails not reloading session on ajax post
I tried that solution but result is same.

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