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I'm trying to handle a WS connection loss on the android system and, following the error code, try to reopen the connection, reset the client, etc...

So I actually want to test my handling process, in the Autobahn refs, I have all the possible connection loss messages in the de.tavendo.autobahn.WebSocket.ConnectionHandler reference and I would like to know how to generate those events, I know how to generate the CLOSE_CONNECTION_LOST and the CLOSE_INTERNAL_ERROR events but I don't have any idea about the 3 others (CLOSE_NORMAL seems not to happen after calling the WebSocket disconnect() method).

Is it possible?


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You can follow the code from here to the "outside". E.g. CLOSE_INTERNAL_ERROR is triggered from here, when something fatal happens during the initial creating of background reader/writer threads.

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Thanks for your answer, I have another issue though, I don't think the jar I downloaded from the website is up to date, so I had to clone it from the github repo, created a new project from the Autobahn folder and compiled it, my apologies if it is a silly question, but how can I integrate it to my project? –  onizukaek Jan 15 '14 at 9:50
Finally, I managed to do that in a tricky way. Thank you, there's still another question I'd like to ask, but I'll post it as a new request. –  onizukaek Jan 15 '14 at 12:10

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