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I am working on a simple angular/jade template, and I am getting an error wen trying to load in information to my template.


        title= title
        script(type='text/javascript', src='javascripts/lib/angular.min.js')
        script(type='text/javascript', src='javascripts/lib/angular-resource.min.js')
        script(type='text/javascript', src='public/javascripts/app2.js')
        link(rel='stylesheet',type='text/css', href='/stylesheets/boostrap.css')
        block content


extends layout

block content
    h1= title
        h1 Angulair
        ul(ng-app=ng-repeat="airport in airports") 
            li {{ airport.code }}
            li {{ }}
            li {{ airport.destination }}


function AppCtrl ($scope) {
    $scope.airports = {
        "PDX": {
            "code": "PDX", 
            "name": "Portland", 
            "destination": "Toronto"
        "LAX": {
            "code": "LAX", 
            "name": "Los Angeles", 
            "destination": "Toronto"

I keep getting this error:

500 ReferenceError: /Users/AllanAraujo/Desktop/testapp 5/views/index.jade:7
5| div(ng-controller='AppCtrl')
6| h1 Angulair
> 7| ul(ng-app=ng-repeat="airport in airports")
8| li {{ airport.code }}
9| li {{ }}
10| li {{ airport.destination }}

Invalid left-hand side in assignment

I am new to jade/angular so I am kind of confused as to what this error is. Any help is appreciated.

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I believe it is because of the following line in index.jade:

ul(ng-app=ng-repeat="airport in airports")

ng-app and ng-repeat are attributes. You need to separate them using comma:

ul(ng-app, ng-repeat="airport in airports")
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Thank you this is it. – user2615699 Jan 14 '14 at 20:59

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