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Is it possible to do this kind of plotting with matplotlib? Or somewhat close?

I know fill can be used but the block texture I am not sure of.



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what have you tried and what do your data look like? –  Paul H Jan 14 at 22:33
This isn't a heatmap, the rectangles are proportional to the size of the object, in a heatmap the "size" correlates to the color. Incidentally it may be useful to know this comes from windirstat.info. –  Hooked Jan 14 at 22:35

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These types of plots are called Treemaps.

A Treemap is a space-constrained visualization of hierarchical structures. It is very effective in showing attributes of leaf nodes using size and color coding. Treemap enables users to compare nodes and sub-trees even at varying depth in the tree, and help them spot patterns and exceptions.

They are recursively built, so posting a complete example would be difficult. A small cookbook recipe for Treemaps using matplotlib can be found here.

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