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I have a Kendo grid which does AJAX edits to an MVC method. The method returns a new copy of the grid row model with some calculations which are performed on the server. Is there a way to update the grid with this data after the edit result is received?

Here's my grid code

    @(Html.Kendo().Grid(Of AssemblyPartListRowViewModel) _
        .Name("parts") _
                         toolbar.Create().Text("Add Part to Assembly")
                 End Sub) _
                            config _
                            .Ajax() _
                            .Events(Sub(events) events.Error("parts_Error")) _
                                           model.Id(Function(x) x.AssemblyPartDefID)
                                           model.Field(Function(x) x.PartNumber)
                                           model.Field(Function(x) x.Description).Editable(False)
                                           model.Field(Function(x) x.Cost).Editable(False)
                                           model.Field(Function(x) x.ResaleValue).Editable(False)
                                           model.Field(Function(x) x.TotalResaleValue).Editable(False)
                                   End Sub) _
                            .Read("PartList", "Assembly", New With {.id = Model.AssemblyID}) _
                            .Destroy("RemovePart", "Assembly") _
                                            create.Action("AddPart", "Assembly")
                                            create.Data("function() { return { assemblyId: " & Model.AssemblyID & " }; }")
                                    End Sub) _
                            .Update("UpdatePart", "Assembly")
                    End Sub) _
                         config.Bound(Function(x) x.PartsQuantity).Width(20).Title("Quantity")
                         config.Bound(Function(x) x.PartNumber).Title("Part Number")
                         config.Bound(Function(x) x.Description).Title("Part Description")
                         config.Bound(Function(x) x.Cost).Format("{0:C}")
                         config.Bound(Function(x) x.ResaleValue).Title("Resale").Format("{0:C}")
                         config.Bound(Function(x) x.TotalResaleValue).Title("Line Total").Format("{0:C}")
                                        End Sub)
                 End Sub)

Here's the create method in my controller

    ' POST: /Assembly/AddPart

    <HttpPost()> _
    Public Function AddPart(model As AssemblyPartListRowViewModel) As ActionResult
        Dim partDef As AssemblyPartDef = DataSource.AssemblyPartDefs.LoadNew(model)

        Return Json(GetAssemblyPartListModel(partDef))
    End Function
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What does the update method on your dataSource look like ? –  Robin Giltner Jan 14 at 21:31
@giltnerj0 added code to original question –  just.another.programmer Jan 15 at 8:20

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