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recently started doing perl. I'm reading old code and trying to rewrite some stuff. I've got a question here about hash references.

 #declar anon hash ref that will be returned 
 my $store_hash = {};
 foreach my $item (@list)
     #this will iterate based on list
     my $ret_hash = ops_getval($item, $user)

     #do some magic here to map $ret_hash into $store_hash

ops_getval is a function that returns a type of ref hash. I want to insert those values into $store_hash. How should I approach this? Can I directly do

$store_hash = ops_getval($var1,$var2)

Much appreciated!

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You may consider to loop directly on the properties in the ops_getval($item,$user) instead. May be your code will become much cleaner (?). –  MUY Belgium Jan 16 '14 at 21:56

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I think the standard way to do this is:

@$store_hash{ keys %$ret_hash } = values %$ret_hash;

This merges all of the hashes returned by all of the calls to ops_getval into $store_hash.

An alternate approach that might be clearer to the eye, possibly at the cost of a lot of redundant data copying:

%$store_hash = (%$store_hash, %$ret_hash);
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Hi Sean, thanks for the help, I think this is what I need. Just wondering, what do you mean "at the cost of a lot of redundant data copying" ? How do these two different ways differ in terms of operation(memory usage, complexity) –  Guagua Jan 16 '14 at 16:11
The first method simply inserts the new key-value pairs into $store_hash. The second method clears out $store_hash at every step and re-creates it with its old contents plus the new contents from $ret_hash. –  Sean Jan 16 '14 at 18:07

You would do something like:

$store_hash->{$item} = $ret_hash

In general:

$hashref->{$key} = $value

See here for more:

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thanks, I think I might have said it in a wrong way..I have a hash reference, and I want to duplicate everything from that to another hash reference. I was wondering if perl has some sort of way of mapping them over. –  Guagua Jan 14 '14 at 21:12

To be clear, you can use a loop and get this done.

foreach ( keys%{ $ret_hash } ){
      $store_hash->{ $_ } = $ret_hash->{ $_ } ; 
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