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I have a Virtual Box VM running Ubuntu. I have configured an nsf share (when I say I, someone helped me so I am not very clued up on NFS shares) so that I can work on my Mac host machine and use it's tools such as Sublime Text.

However, when I run the following command: jekyll serve --watch

When I make code changes the site is not automatically regenerated. So currently I have to stop the server and run the command again.


Additionally it works fine if I create a jekyll site outside of the nfs share. Just a standard normal folder on the guest machine.

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What version of jekyll are you running? Run jekyll -v to see. –  jbranchaud Jan 15 at 6:07
I am using 1.4.2 –  Adam Silver Jan 15 at 8:04

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Then uninstall Jekyll v 1.4.2 and install Jekyll v 1.2.1

To do so run these commands,

gem uninstall jekyll
gem install jekyll -v 1.2.1
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Install 1.2.1 worked. Thank you! –  Adam Silver Jan 15 at 10:20

Update to Latest version of Jekyll, or atleast to Jekyll v 1.2.1

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I am currently using 1.4.2 –  Adam Silver Jan 15 at 8:05

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