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I have C++ Win32 application that supports Windows CE 6.0 that uses the GDI to display text at different sizes clipped within rectangles. I have an issue where text is clipped in the CE version and not in the Windows 7 version and I followed it down to where I am using the tmAveCharWidth member of the TEXTMETRIC structure when scaling fonts.

I have code like this to get the tmAveCharWidth, and it turns out to be 8 on Windows 7 and 9 on Windows CE with the same font, which leads to problems in calculations later on. What could explain this difference?

LOGFONT logFont = {};
logFont.lfHeight            = -19;
logFont.lfWidth             = 0;
logFont.lfWeight            = FW_NORMAL;
logFont.lfCharSet           = DEFAULT_CHARSET;
logFont.lfOutPrecision      = OUT_DEFAULT_PRECIS;
logFont.lfClipPrecision     = CLIP_DEFAULT_PRECIS;
logFont.lfQuality           = DEFAULT_QUALITY;
logFont.lfPitchAndFamily    = DEFAULT_PITCH | FF_DONTCARE;
::wcscpy_s(logFont.lfFaceName, LF_FACESIZE, faceName);

HFONT font = ::CreateFontIndirect(&logFont);
HDC hdc = ::CreateCompatibleDC(NULL);
HGDIOBJ oldObj = ::SelectObject(hdc, font);
TEXTMETRIC metrics = {};
::GetTextMetrics(hdc, &metrics);

std::cout << metrics.tmAveCharWidth;

The font the program uses is added using AddFontResource() and I have used GetFontData() to check that the font I am creating with CreateFontIndirect() is actually using that font in both versions.

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Maybe the fonts are different? –  Jonathan Potter Jan 14 '14 at 21:32
Why would the fonts be different? The program loads the same font file on both versions using AddFontResource(). –  draketb Jan 14 '14 at 21:36
They are different operating systems, the fonts may very well be different. I'm not saying they are, but it's certainly worth considering. –  Jonathan Potter Jan 14 '14 at 21:37
Yes, the operating systems do have different versions of the same fonts, but the font I am using in this progam comes from a .ttf file that the program downloads and loads with AddFontResource(). I have verified that GetFontData() returns the same font data on Windows CE and Windows 7 and it matches the font file I am expecting. –  draketb Jan 14 '14 at 21:48
Fair enough then. One thing you could try is to calculate the width yourself - the docs for TEXTMETRIC say tmAveCharWidth is usually the width of the letter "x", so you could just use GetTextExtentPoint32 to calculate that yourself. –  Jonathan Potter Jan 14 '14 at 21:50

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