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I have a problem with two tables in one form. I used the example in the book as a reference but i am inserting an image in the form, it does upload the file but the URL(image name) is all wrong and i do not know how to get it to put the correct url as the image name.

here is My code:

                Field('title','string', unique=True, label=T('Title')),
                Field('body','text', requires=IS_NOT_EMPTY(),label=T('Body')),
                Field('posted_on','datetime',readable=False, writable=False),
                Field('posted_by','reference auth_user',readable=False, writable=False),

                Field('forum_id', 'reference forum',readable=False, writable=False),
                Field('image','upload',uploadfolder=os.path.join(request.folder,'uploads'), autodelete=True),
                Field('posted_on', 'datetime',, readable=False, writable=False),
                Field('posted_by','reference auth_user', readable=False, writable=False))

def post():
    form=SQLFORM.factory(,db.doc) = auth.user
    db.doc.posted_on.default =
    db.doc.posted_by.default= auth.user

    if form.process().accepted:
        id =**
        id = db.doc.insert(**db.doc._filter_fields(form.vars))
        session.flash='Form Posted'
    return dict(form=form)
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SQLFORM.factory() creates a dummy DAL instance with a dummy table (named "no_table" by default). The upload field uses the name of the DAL table as part of the new filename when storing the file. The filename should begin with "doc.", but instead will begin with "no_table.". A workaround is to specify the name of the dummy table created by SQLFORM.factory():

SQLFORM.factory(, db.doc, table_name='doc')

Obviously that wouldn't work if both tables included upload fields, so you'd need a more sophisticated workaround in that case (that would involve extracting the uploaded files directly from request.vars prior to calling form.process() -- they can be renamed/stored using the method).

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